Greenalia confronts the challenge of climate change directly through renewable energy production.

We are a company with a business model based on sustainability, our business activity addresses the challenge of climate change directly through the production of renewable energies.

We work united by the same dream, the transition towards a world capable of running exclusively on clean energy, and by the same commitment to environmental and social sensitivity in all our projects.

Greenalia is an independent energy producer using exclusively renewable technologies. The company uses only wind, sun and forest biomass, from the remains of certified plantations, to generate and store electricity in harmony with nature, providing employment and innovation in the areas where it operates.

Greenalia is headquartered in A Coruña (Spain) and operates in Europe (Iberian Peninsula and Canary Islands) and the United States.

The company’s main activity is the generation and sale of electric energy, being present in five technologies: Onshore wind, offshore wind, solar photovoltaic, storage and biomass, where it is vertically integrated from the origin of the raw material to the production of electric energy.

The revenues obtained from the installations are long-term, thus allowing the company to structure non-recourse financing (Project Finance) and to obtain dividends in a constant and secure manner.

We work together for the same dream: the transition to a world capable of running exclusively on clean energy.

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