GREENALIA_team_group: Audit comission

  • Norcorporate, S.L. Representada por Antonio Couceiro

    Antonio Couceiro holds a degree in Highways, Canals and Ports Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (1978) and has considerable experience in the business world as well as extensive professional experience: NORCORPORATE: Chairman BEGANO, S.A. (Bebidas Gaseosas del Noroeste, S.A.) Coca-Cola bottler for Galicia: General Manager (02-13) A Coruña Port Authority: President (99-02) Xunta de […]

  • José María Castellano

    José María Castellano owns 6% of Greenalia’s stock since June 2020, has extensive experience as a manager and investor. He became a member of Inditex’s BoD in 1985 and in 1997 he was appointed as vice president and group CEO. He’s also been the president of ONO and NovaGalicia Banco. José María Castellano has a doctorate […]