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45 MW Xesteiron wind farm begins public exhibition permitting stage in Spain

  • The installation promoted by Greenalia foresees an energy production of 130,000 MWh/ year, the equivalent of the consumption of 32,000 homes
  • It will require an investment of more than 34 million euros and will allow the mobilization of 450 jobs between construction and operation

Xesteirón wind farm (45 MW) promoted by the renewable energy company Greenalia, begins the public exhibition phase after publication in Galicia’s Official Gazette (DOG) together with the environmental impact study. The installation, planned almost entirely in the Municipality of Chandrexa de Queixa, in Ourense, will also require a small space for wind turbines connection in Montederramo municipality.

For the operations kick-off, the construction of 10 wind turbines is planned, each with a 120 meters hub height and a 160 meters rotor diameter. With 45 MW of capacity, it is estimated that it will have an energy production of 130,000 MWh/year, which equals the energy consumption, from renewable energies, of more than 32,000 families.

The company estimates over 34 million euros investment to which the contribution to the municipalities for fees and taxes that will be about two million euros is added, plus the rent for land owners rent during the useful life of the Wind Farm.

For the display of the park, the several enclaves included within the Galician Network of Protected Areas have been excluded: wetlands of international importance (Ramsar), the Natura 2000 Network, natural spaces of local interest and private spaces of natural interest.

In the same way, the infrastructures are located outside the ZEC zone (Special Areas of Conservation), connection of SPAs (Special Protection Areas for Birds), as well as IBA (Important Bird Area). In the same way, the proposal does not affect priority reproduction areas, feeding, dispersal and local concentration of birds, so it is expected to be compatible with the avifauna of the area.

From the environmental and landscape perspective, the reports conclude that it is a development with low impact and fully compatible with the environment. Likewise, as stated in the document, the general accesses to the wind farm will be made from the existing road infrastructure in the area, so that the potential impact of secondary elements of the park is minimized.

During preliminary work, the Petroglyph of Os Chaos de San Fiz was located, so all the infrastructures of the wind farm were moved outside its scope of protection so as to guarantee the non-affectation to this patrimonial asset.

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