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Authorized the construction of a new greenalia pe in Spain, Monte Toural, of 18 MW

  • With the preliminary administrative and construction authorization of Monte Toural wind Farm, the company advances in the start-up of this facility, between Coristanco and Santa Comba
  • It contemplates an investment of 18 million euros and the mobilization of 180 jobs

Monte Toural Wind Farm, projected in the municipalities of Coristanco and Santa Comba, has already obtained its construction authorization, as publicized in the Official Gazette (DOG), that made public that the Wind Farm has obtained the different administrative licenses that allow progress in the permitting process of this facility, which will have an installed capacity of 18 MW and an estimated annual production of 53.7 GWh / year.

Monte Toural Wind Farm, promoted by Greenalia, will have a total of 4 wind turbines, with 111 meter hub height and 136 meters rotor diameter. Its construction will require an investment of over 18 million euros and the mobilization of 180 jobs.

The project already has the environmental impact declaration (DIA), granted by the Administration last November, a document that includes the environmental measures that the company will develop throughout the construction of the facilities, as well as those that it will maintain throughout the wind farm’s useful life.

The main environmental corrective measures, incorporated into the project in its processing phase, include the elimination of a wind turbine and the relocation for two of them. It is noteworthy that, in this way, the construction project of the park avoids the populations of the species Centaurea ultreiae, for which Greenalia in collaboration with the USC and AGACAL have a special recovery plan in operation in the area.
Likewise, as stated in the authorization, the administrative reports verify the distance of the installation to the rural/urban nuclei, complying with the current urban parameters.

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