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Digitalization of the biomass life cycle

Greenalia is in a process of constant digital transformation, a way of understanding new technologies that allows it to constantly advance, adapt and optimize its processes to meet the needs of today’s ambitious and complex context. In the company’s transversal line of work, one of the most remarkable focuses has been the complete digitalization of its entire biomass business. For this purpose, SAP has been implemented as the main manager of its processes.

With the implementation of this system, the entire value chain has been digitized. From raw material sourcing to processing, everything is controlled under a series of mobile applications. Thus, from certification, including the management of biomass for its transformation into electricity and any intermediate process are managed through the software created for this purpose.

This makes it possible not only to work with a “zero paper” model, but also to improve the quality and control of the entire value chain, so that predictive, preventive, corrective and improvement measures can be implemented in situ. This progress undoubtedly results in improved planning, greater work efficiency in the different areas and greater modernization of a sector that was originally primary, but the qualification and industrialization of which is a path of no return.

For all this to be possible, the applications used must be capable of being managed with agility and be easy to use for the entire workforce, in addition to being fully integrated within the entire vertical process. This makes it possible to access the entire process offline and transparently, both from the mobile application and from the company’s portal.
In this way, it is possible to have real-time visibility of the biomass plant’s procurement process, eliminate the entire paper management and manual reporting process, simplify administrative processes drastically, with the consequent time optimization and quick reaction in case of any need. All this with the added bonus that digitization allows a waste and stock reduction of between 10 and 20% and, therefore, generates cost savings.

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