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Employees from Greenalia vounteer to support a local association with history, the economic kitchen

In November, a group of employees from Greenalia offered their time and their hands to support the Economic Kitchen helping with food preparation. 

Founded in 1886, the iconic association provides meals every day of the year among the poorest and most disadvantaged of our city. In addition to breakfast and lunch offered at the canteen to more than 200 people, daily portions are prepared separately and taken to the homes of more than another 200 families. 

The kitchen also opens the doors of the “Solidarity Point” every day of the year, a place for entertainment with tv, internet, board games, library and sofas to rest. 

Other key services offered are an integral hygiene service that includes showers and laundry to 90 people every day and a social worker that provides individual basic support to the users and to their families. 

“It has been a self-rewarding experience for us, and we admire the work that the Kitchen has carried out continually for more than 130 years” – said the volunteers. “Every person deserves to live with dignity and the personal circumstances of many of these people is heartbreaking”

Apart from the work carried out in the kitchen, Greenalia donated 100 kg of food to support the great work of the Economic Kitchen.

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