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Greenalia activates a new procurement model in SAP, aimed at unifying processes and further optimizing resources

  • With this action, the renewable energy producer advances in the operational digitalization of its business model and towards the standardization of the purchasing process of the entire company
  • The solution comes through the SAP ARIBA system, which will simplify the process of invoices and payments in a more efficient workflow

With the aim of improving and optimizing the purchasing processes, Greenalia is undertaking the implementation of a new purchasing model in SAP. In this way, it is moving towards the homogenization of the corporate purchasing function.

Until now, the different areas have managed their respective purchases, a model that, with the growth of Greenalia, requires a change, so it has been decided to work in depth to improve these functions, all through the SAP management system. This new model began with a first diagnostic phase on which is based the development of what will be the new purchasing system, currently in the implementation period, which will be carried out using the SAP ARIBA solution along with the MM module.

The focus of the effort is centered on this phase II in which the definition of the 4 sub-processes is addressed. These 4 axes focus on the procedures for budgets, market follow-ups, supplier relations and transaction control.

All this will result in time savings, elimination of duplicities, more personalized, agile, and simple follow-ups.

Greenalia thus activates the change in purchasing management, once the new personnel management system has been implemented, which reduces the administrative burden by 80%, and the digitalization of processes in the biomass area, which has also produced highly satisfactory results.

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