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Greenalia adds a new wind power project in Spain, Monte Tourado, 10.4 MW

  • Located in Vimianzo (A Coruña, Galicia), it has had an investment of more than 8 million euros

Greenalia connects a new onshore Wind Farm (WF) in the Iberian Peninsula. Monte Tourado WF, a 10.4 MW installation, with 3 wind turbines with an 84-meter hub height and a 132-meter rotor diameter. Located in the A Coruña town of Vimianzo it required an 8 million euros investment. In addition to this figure, over 300,000 euros were directly injected to the municipal coffers in the form of taxes and fees.

Annually, its green energy production will be over 38,000 MWh, preventing 14,000 tons of CO2 atmospheric emissions per year.

The company reached a 98.5% rate of negotiated agreement with landowners and stakeholders; it is located outside natural areas, biosphere reserves and is not part in any of the areas included in the Wetlands Catalogue, nor important bird areas (IBA).

It is worth highlighting the modification of roads made to the initial project to avoid any possible impact on the megalithic necropolis of Chan do Cabral, as well as the burying of the internal connection lines of the park, so that the landscape impact would be the least possible.

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