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Greenalia advances in its wind power development in Spain with a new 19 MW wind farm in the public information phase, Coto Muíño

  • With an expected investment of 16 million euros, this facility will avoid the emission of 27,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Greenalia advances in the processing of its wind power portfolio in Spain and submits a new wind farm, Coto Muiño, to the public information phase. It is a facility with an installed capacity of 19.2 MW and an expected investment of 16 million euros.

This new wind farm will have 4 wind turbines in the municipality of Zas (A Coruña). The machines will have a hub height of 127.5 meters and a rotor height of 145 meters. The project foresees an annual production of 73,626 MWh, which will avoid the emission of 27,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

For the development of this new wind farm, areas of high wind resource have been selected with the minimum impact on the environment. It is located outside protected areas or spaces such as IBA, natural reserves or monuments, as well as ZEP zones and Biosphere Reserves.

As for the landscape, the low density of machinery and the screening effect of the vegetation and orography make it perfectly compatible with the environment. About birdlife, the area is not expected to be affected as it is not an area with a high density of birds or bats, nor is it included in the migratory routes.

The implementation area is mostly eucalyptus and scrubland, so that once the works are completed, the areas affected during the construction phase will be easily revegetated.

Finally, with respect to cultural heritage, a package of preventive and corrective measures has been established to avoid any type of impact on the existing assets in the area. These measures include the delimitation of the sites (integral protection areas and precautionary areas) in the construction site mapping. Likewise, existing roads will be used to avoid impacts, in addition to the on-site archaeological control of all work actions, whether they are clearing, conditioning or any earth movement, to be carried out within the areas of caution.

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