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Greenalia advances in the development of Gofio, the first floating offshore wind farm in Spain, after obtaining the aeronautical permit from AESA

  • The company, based in A Coruña, confirms the progress in the processing of the Gofio Project that will be the first floating offshore wind farm to connect to the grid in Spain

Greenalia takes another firm step in the development of its floating offshore wind farm, Gofio, located in the Southeast of the Gran Canaria Island, having obtained the authorization in terms of aeronautical easements by AESA (State Aviation Safety Agency) for the assembly of the four wind turbines of the wind farm. These advances were presented by the deputy director of Greenalia, María Moreno, within the conference on offshore wind, organized by the GointerHub of Ferrol.

With this permit, Greenalia has the approval for Gofio floating offshore wind farm in the port of Arinaga and for its subsequent towing to the final location, planned in front of the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, within the territorial sea of the Canary Islands (Spain).

Currently, due to the moratorium on the presentation of new offshore wind farm projects imposed by MITRED through the publication of Royal Decree-Law 12/2021, of June 24, it is only possible to move forward with the processing of projects that have submitted their application for administrative authorization prior to the publication of the afore mentioned Royal Decree-Law, as is the case of the Gofio Offshore Wind Farm that Greenalia is promoting on the Gran Canaria Island.

Greenalia’s objective is to obtain the necessary environmental and administrative authorizations for Gofio’s construction and, with this, to make Gofio the first offshore wind farm connected to the grid on Spanish coasts. This installation uses floating technology, key to offshore wind development on the Spanish coasts, so it is expected that this will be the beginning of the definitive deployment of this technology in Spain.

With this new step, Greenalia once again confirms its commitment to the development of its floating offshore wind energy projects, one of the renewable generation sources called to be the basis of green growth in Europe for the coming years.

The GOFIO wind farm has a capacity of 50 MW, enough energy to supply a population of more than 70,000 homes, through a production system that will avoid the emission of around 140,000 tons of CO2 per year. During the process of development, construction and operation, the generation of a significant number of jobs (direct and indirect) is expected, which contribute to the development of the green economy in the region, where the company Blue Lines Renewables, based in Gran Canaria, acts as strategic and technological partner.

With the implementation of offshore projects, the Canary Islands can position itself as one of the leaders in floating offshore wind technology worldwide and, with it, achieve the objective of developing 310 MW of marine energy on the coasts of the Canary Islands, as stated by the island government in the Canary Islands Energy Strategy 2015-2025 – EECan25.

Finally, it is expected that this development can be a key and essential milestone for the advancement of the floating wind sector worldwide and a historic opportunity for Spain to lead the energy sector, which surely, one of the considered tractors in the European recovery. A challenge that would also be an unbeatable opportunity for the internationalization of many companies in the sector and the generation of wealth and jobs.v

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