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Greenalia advances in the permitting process of two new wind farms in Spain– Orzar and Tornado – adding up to 123 MW

Orzar and Tornado wind farms, of 56 and 67.2 MW respectively, begin the public consultation process after their publication today

  • Both projects have been submitted to public consultation today, together with their corresponding environmental, archeological and avifauna (birds and bats) impact studies, through which their compatibility with their surroundings has been assessed.
  • Orzar and Tornado totaling close to 100 million euros will generate the mobilization of 1.200 jobs.
  • These projects are included in the company’s strategic plan that highlights that it is vital for them to go hand-in-hand with the anchoring of industry and jobs in our community.

Greenalia continues to make progress in permitting processes for its wind farms in Galicia. Orzar and Tornado wind farms, of 56 and 67.2 MW respectively, begin the public consultation process after their publication today in the Spanish Official State Gazette.
Orzar farm (56 MW) will be located between the municipalities of Carballo and Tordoia, where 10 wind turbines with a unitary capacity of 5.6 MW each will be installed. As stated in the project, the machines will have a hub height of 105 m and a rotor diameter of 150 m, collectively capable of generating over 175 GWh.
The commissioning of this wind farm – planned within a wind-resource zone capable of providing 3,100 equivalent full-load hours – will require an investment of 45 million euros and could generate more than 1,200 jobs between construction and maintenance.
In this area with top wind resource – more than 3,400 full-load hours – the 67.2 MW Tornado farm will consist of 12 wind turbines, with an expected investment of nearly 53 million euros. As with Orzar wind farm, it will have a hub height of 105 m, a rotor diameter of 150 m, and will provide a unitary capacity of 5.6 MW. It will be located between the municipalities of Carballo, Tordoia, Val do Dubra and Trazo.
Both projects have been designed in pursuit of three basic objectives for the company: protecting the environment, wind-power development in areas of top resource, and the establishment of our business with strategic projects. Its design has been completed in three phases: first a preliminar environmental analysis aiming to determine areas with restrictions, then a technical study to design each of the farms, and finally a verification of the possible environmental impacts.
Along with the environmental impact report, which concludes the wind farm’s perfect compatibility with its natural surroundings and landscape, a report has been drawn up on bird and bat life (avifauna) in the area, with the aim of detecting any possible impact to birds – both in the construction and operation of the farm – from which the compatibility of the park has been determined, although permanent monitoring will be carried out from construction onwards. All of this has been ensured prior to the drafting of the corresponding administration reports, after which new corrective measures may be implemented if necessary.
The two wind farms will be connected to the Mesón-Campelo overhead power line – currently in the final phase of its processing – allowing for faster execution and reduced environmental impact with regard to these projects, as no new power evacuation line will be required.
Implementation of 270 MW in the coming years
Greenalia continues making progress in the development of wind power in our country, with 270 MW of wind turbines intended to be developed in various installations to be commissioned across Galicia from 2022 onwards. As part of the renewables auction held last January, in which the company was awarded 135 MW of wind-power technology, Greenalia will develop the projects of its Eolo II plan – more specifically, the wind farms of Felga, Gato, Penas Boas, Pena Ombra and O Cerqueiral, all within the province of A Coruña, and currently at an advanced stage of development, with the public consultation already having commenced.
To these, another 135 MW will be added, as provided for in the Eolo I Plan. This includes the wind farms located in Campelo, Bustelo, Monte Toural and Touriñan – all at a very advanced stage of the financial close process with the pool (market), following the strategy used in other projects within this plan: Miñón and Ourol, already in operation, and Croa, Croa II and Monte Tourado, currently in construction.

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