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Greenalia and Santa Comba municipality launch a rural environment activities program

  • The renewable energy producer, based in A Coruña, will finance the annual program, consisting in workshops focused on cognitive development and psychomotor skills
  • This new social project is part of the company’s ESG strategy through which Greenalia reinvests and creates shared value in the communities where it operates

This morning, the renewable energy producer Greenalia has signed an agreement with the Santa Comba Council to implement a Social Program consisting in activities aimed at different groups living in the town’s rural areas, especially the elders. This accord was signed this morning between the town’s mayoress, María Pose, and Greenalia’s CSO, Beatriz Mato.

Within the framework of this agreement, a complete program of workshops and activities will be developed in secluded rural areas. This initiative is especially aimed at activating psychomotor skills, as well as the manual and cognitive skills of the beneficiaries. The program will be carried out on an itinerant basis, as one of the main objectives is to facilitate access to this type of proposal for groups that often do not attend due to difficulties in getting around.

This action is part of the company’s social action strategy, part of the ESG Strategic Plan, through which Greenalia wants to reinvest in those areas where it builds and operates its wind farms. In the Costa da Morte area, the company has 52 MW in operation, to which three new wind farms (Campelo, Bustelo and Monte Tourado) with a total of 110 MW and now under construction will soon be added.

In this case, it is a program that aims to improve the quality of life in rural areas, offering new resources and a wide range of activities to meet the demands of many of its neighbors. “In this way Greenalia, starts a new collaboration in a social project with a double dimension: support for active ageing and the generation of new resources to help keep alive our rural environments that are part of Galicia’s DNA”.

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