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Greenalia continues to operate in all business areas (covid-19 update)

  • The company started its remote working, security and hygiene protocols 14 days ago (13 March 2020) and before the State Alarm Decree was enacted in an effort to protect its people and their safety
  • Over 25% of Greenalia`s people are working remotely (the whole team in central offices), and in our energy production facilities we have strengthened our protective measures and safety protocols while we also keep a close eye on the evolution of the crisis

Greenalia continues operating all its business divisions ‘normally’ amidst a very volatile and uncertain situation that has heightened our level of security alert to maximum to protect our people and comply with the temporary regulatory framework enacted for the crisis.

This morning the company held its first virtual townhall named Virtual Green Café where the company’s executives shared with the whole Greenalia team the status of operations and the different actions undertaken to face the current challenges. It was also a chance to connect, for the different teams and professionals that are now under strict seclusion and quarantine measures after 12 days in state of alarm.

During the virtual café Manuel García, Greenalia’s CEO, has shared a message of confidence and encouragement with the staff: “our company’s business model is resilient, the sector we are in is strategic and these factors contribute to put us in a good position to navigate this crisis, until this moment we are continuing operation and production and we remain vigilant on how things unfold”.

The CEO also highlighted that thanks to the strategic efforts the company has made over the last years where the company invested heavily in technology upgrades and in its digital transformation, the transition to working remotely was smooth and the company could even anticipate the declaration of state of alarm and the forced quarantine.

With respects to the protocols and measured adopted in the business areas where working remotely is not possible the company is following the strict guidelines and regulations provided by the National Health Authorities accompanying this with fluid internal communications. We’ve limited the contact of essential personnel with their teammates and eliminated it with third parties, suppliers and habitual collaborators with whom we keep a close and digitalized communication and sustained cooperation.

Through this virtual event, Manuel García (Greenalia’s CEO) also reinforced a message of confidence and calm for the staff: “our company’s ability to continue our operations amidst the crisis in all our business areas can provide an optimistic perspective regarding our company’s performance and business resilience.”

He also took the chance to thank and recognize the sacrifice and hard work of all the people in the company in these testing times while also extending the praise to all the professionals in health and security that are fighting relentlessly against this virus (COVID-19).

About Greenalia

Greenalia is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) exclusively with renewable technologies. The company’s main activity is the generation and sale of electrical energy. Its business focuses on three technologies: wind, solar photovoltaic and biomass, where it currently is vertically integrated from the origin of the raw material to the production of electrical and thermal energy.

Greenalia’s headquarters are located in A Coruña and it has production centers (both planned and in operation) in Galicia, Asturias, Extremadura, Comunidad Valenciana, Andalucía, Murcia and Castilla y La Mancha.


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