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Greenalia continues with the development of its solar fv portfolio in Spain with 410 MW now in public exhibition phase

  • The company plans the construction and commissioning of nine solar plants in the Andalusian province of Jaén, as published in the BOJA (Andalusian Community’s Official Gazette) and Jaén’s BOP

Greenalia advances in the development of its renewable multi-technology projects in Spain. Starting this week, a total of 410 Solar MW’s planned in Jaén Province (Andalusia), begin the public exhibition phase. These 410 MW are distributed in 9 solar plants (Guadame I-V, Zumajo I-II and Marmolejo Solar I-II) in Marmolejo Municipality.

To develop these projects, Greenalia foresees an investment of close to 250 million euros and the mobilization of 3,000 jobs during construction and O&M. The facility has a 50 MWp installed capacity, with the exception of Marmolejo Solar I and II (30 MWp). The solar plants will produce energy equal to the consumption of 164,000 families. Its implementation will benefit the environment by avoiding 115,000 tons of CO2 atmospheric emissions.

Through this permitting process stage, Greenalia continues the path it started in recent months in which it has provided extra impulse for its solar projects. In addition to the Jaén projects, the Company is developing “El Tranco” Solar Plant, in the Andalusian province of Almería, specifically in Lubrín Municipality, currently pending the corresponding Environmental Impact Statement (DIA), and “Quintos” Solar Plant, also in public exhibition phase.

Low environmental impact

The documentation submitted for processing includes the different environmental studies, where a low impact is determined, being solely the land movements and occupation during the construction phase the actions that will produce impact on the ground. In this sense, and with the aim of minimizing the impacts as much as possible, prevention measures are established during construction and corrective measures after the end of the works, so that the values prior to the construction phase are restored.

High capacity areas

Greenalia has 660 MW in solar processing, in projects located in the main resource areas of the Iberian Peninsula (510 MW Andalusia – Jaén, Seville and Almería and 150 MW in the Valencian Community), classified as Zone V, with a 22%-25% annual capacity factor (greater than 2,000 annual production hours), much higher than the 18.8% annual average (1645 equivalent hours, according to the 2018 Electric System Operation Report, published by REE).

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