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Greenalia is reinforcing its commitment to families in the spanish municipality of Ourol, home of its new wind farm

  • Greenalia will be providing educational assistance and laptop bags to all the students enrolled in the 2020/21 school year in this municipality where it is currently finalizing its new wind farm
  • The facilities at Ourol, where the assembly process for the wind turbines is currently in its final stages, will provide an installed capacity of 22.5 MW and are part of the company’s Eolo project

Greenalia, based in A Coruña, is strengthening its CSR activities through this new initiative aimed at school students in the municipality of Ourol families, in the Spanish province of Lugo. The company has today signed a collaboration agreement for the initiative with José Luis Pajón, the Mayor of this municipality where the new wind farm is nearing completion.

The agreement signed today between the Mayor and Beatriz Mato, the Director of Corporate Development and Sustainability at Greenalia, confirms that the company will provide educational assistance of up to 60 euros and a school laptop bag to pupils under 16 years of age enrolled in the 2020-21 school year in this municipality.
This initiative forms part of the company’s CSR policy and forms the foundation for the future social action programs of the Greenalia Foundation, through which Greenalia intends to reinvest in the areas where it operates.

Help families

Through this measure, the company seeks to help families during an unprecedented and exceptionally challenging back-to-school period in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. This initiative is the fifth of its kind launched by the company this year, as this July it signed similar agreements with four different municipalities in the Costa da Morte area, where it currently has several projects in the operation or application stages.

The facilities in Ourol, with an installed capacity of 22.5 MW, will be able to begin providing energy in the final quarter of this year. The wind farm will be made up of a total of five wind turbines, each with a 136-meter rotor and a capacity of 4.5 MW. Once it is running at full capacity, it will produce 65,300 MWh per year and will also have a positive effect on the environment, as the renewable energy it produces will avoid the generation of 24,150 tCO2 per year, which is the equivalent of 16,300 cars driving throughout an entire year.
After a small delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the assembly of the wind turbines is now in its final stages at the facilities in Ourol, where the company invested 26 million euros and created 230 jobs during the construction process.

This project has also provided the municipal council with sizeable economic benefits in the form of taxes, such as the ICIO construction tax, bringing Ourol in more than 800,000 euros.

The wind farm in Ourol will be the second of its kind launched by the company, after connecting a wind farm to the grid in the town of Miñón, in the Spanish municipality of Vimianzo, last December. There are plans for three more to be launched in the medium term in the province of A Coruña: Alto de Croa, Alto de Croa II and Monte Tourado, which are already in the construction stages, and soon to be joined by Campelo, Toural, Bustelo and Touriñán, once the relevant application stages have been completed.
The launch of these renewable energy facilities will provide 125 MW in energy and create more than 1,000 jobs, thus helping to boost the community’s economy in these particularly challenging times brought about by the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis.

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