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Greenalia accelerates its digitalization and implements new HR and biomass management systems

  • The renewable energy producer has completed the implementation of a new HR Management System, which reduces the administrative burden by 80%
  • In Biomass Supply Operations, success in digitalization progress has also been achieved, via a mobility platform for biomass management

Greenalia advances in its commitment to renewables production, an activity that it also carries out with a firm commitment to both digitalization and sustainability, two areas in which it is constantly making progress to face market challenges. In this context, new biomass control systems have been incorporated, with a new mobility application for field operations, and also Talent and HR Management systems (SAP SuccessFactors).

In the first case, the improvement of biomass production control has been carried out with SAP technology where the Seidor has acted as implementation partner leveraging its company specific know-how acquired in different collaboration projects successfully carried out since 2016. Thus, the selected platform works with BTP technology, incorporates data analysis, and allows working offline in those rural areas that do not have coverage, synchronizing the information once the network is recovered.

This tool allows the company to record both production and maintenance processes. Its use has made it possible to eliminate paper (about 13,000 job reports per year), minimize possible errors in the data and generate operational optimizations from the beginning of the project. All this has resulted in better results of the Biomass Supply division and in obtaining an award in the 12th edition of the SAP Quality Awards, in the Digital Pioneers section. 

Talent management

Evolving according to the new sustainability and operations indicators, requires a different HR management model. That is why Greenalia has selected SAP SuccessFactors system as Talent Management platform advancing in the digitalization and transformation its HR processes. A solution that provides an optimal employee experience and facilitates deployment, adoption, and change management.
An optimization and organizational development project, developed together with Minsait as technological partner, which has allowed for an 80% reduction in administrative and management burden assumed by professionals, achieving greater efficiencies in Talent Management. To this is added the reduction of paper by becoming telematic many processes, an objective to which Greenalia is strongly committed.

The system allows people and teams to gain more control of their data, reduces processing times, optimizes HR processes via automation and productivity increases. In this way, a collaborative and secure solution is implemented that allows the company to manage more effectively and openly the data of its professionals, which will be shared between the different structures of the company to achieve a much more productive and solvent system with the growth needs of the company.

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