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Greenalia plans 510 MW photovoltaic development in Andalusia

  • The company has 660 photovoltaic MW (Andalusia and Valencia) with full access and connection rights

Greenalia presented its solar photovoltaic projects to the Andalusian Government, where they expect to install 510 photovoltaic MW in 11 plants located in Lubrín (Almería), Marmolejo (Jaén) and Alcalá de Guadaira (Seville) municipalities. With the intention of formally presenting the specifications of the future developments to the different administrations, company executives held various meetings with department heads of the Andalusian government and the municipalities where the different plants are planned.

Thus, in contact with the municipalities where these plants are expected to be constructed, special emphasis has been placed on the fact that it’s a priority for Greenalia to establish a permanent and fluid dialogue with the administrations and local bodies, so that the projects are developed with the greatest consensus and care for the environment. Therefore, in the context of these meetings, the planned projects and the company’s CSR strategy has been explained, where collaboration will be established in those municipalities where the energy producer has their facilities.

With a 3.2 GW pipeline, Greenalia is committed to promoting this portfolio in areas with top resource for this technology. In this framework, it has 660 MW in photovoltaic undergoing the permitting process, in projects located in top resource areas of the Iberian Peninsula (510 MW in Andalusia and 150 MW in the Valencian Community), classified as Zone V, with an annual capacity factor of 22-25% (more than 2,000 production hours annually), much higher than the annual average of 18.8% (1645 equivalent hours, according to the 2018 Electric System Operation Report, published by REE).

With its head office in Galicia, the company has one of the sector’s most diversified pipelines and is differentiated from other renewable energy companies in that it has projects in operation and under development in four technologies (onshore wind, offshore wind, solar photovoltaic and biomass). Greenalia was the first company to start the permitting process a commercial offshore floating windfarm in Spain (in the Canary Islands), a technology it’s clearly committed to, with developments in our country and with which it wants to position itself as one of the main international players, thus driving the great capabilities of the Spanish industry in the sector through these developments.

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