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Greenalia presents a project to promote the manufacture of floating foundations for offshore wind farms

  • The Galician company has presented a statement of Interest (SOI) to the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) to promote an industrial plan simultaneously with the development of its offshore installations
  • The CEO of the Galician company, Manuel García, noted today in the forum entitled Competitiveness and the Ecological Transition: The Green Economy as a Pillar for Reactivation,” organized by ADP, that this initiative would help our country reach a leadership position in terms of the manufacture of components for offshore wind farms on the international level
  • The proposal, drafted in collaboration with different strategic partners, contemplates the consolidation of the metal industry’s labor force and the creation, just in the initial phase, of 200 new jobs within the context of floating foundations


The president and CEO of the company Greenalia, Manuel García, advanced his proposal today to boost a project for manufacturing and assembling floating foundations in Galicia alongside different partners simultaneously with the development of offshore wind power in our country, a plan that has already been sent by the renewable energy production company to the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) by means of a Statement of Interest (SOI) in the latest call for proposals made by the central government. This industrial development would position Spain as a leader in the construction of these components at a time of clear impetus to this technology worldwide.

That idea was emphasized by the head of Greenalia, who in his speech today at the APD Forum on “Ecological Recovery and Transition” indicated that, once a significant knowledgebase has been reached about floating foundations for offshore wind production in our country (26% of patents worldwide are Spanish), and taking into account the undertaking, by Greenalia, of five offshore wind farms in the Canary Islands (the first in Spain), “real possibilities open up for the industry to advance in the implementation of manufacturing processes at a commercial level for these types of foundations, driven by the development of our future offshore farms.”

For the design, creation, and implementation of this project, Greenalia is supported by several strategic partners with expertise in each of the areas.

An assembly plant in Galicia

To achieve these objectives, the project includes the development (in a second phase) of a multi-technology plant for the assembly and/or manufacture of floating foundations for offshore wind farms in which the best possible sites at the European level for these types of projects are considered: the ports of A Coruña and Ferrol. All of this, noted the CEO of Greenalia, “will have a significant impact both on the port areas and on the places where the factories responsible for design and production are located – factories which belong to auxiliary industry companies that are part of the value chain for this project, all of which are located domestically. To accomplish this, we need a fast and firm boost from the governmental administrations, as without the development of offshore facilities we would lose a magnificent opportunity to turn Galicia and Spain into industry leaders in terms of this technology.”

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