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Greenalia reinforces its commitment to the areas where it operates and renews its sponsorship with the Burela Futsal Club

  • The company reissues its sponsorship of the women’s soccer club, which has become a symbol of the defense of values in sports, highlighting its equality programs

Greenalia, producer of renewable energy, reissues its sponsorship with Burela Women’s Futsal, maintaining its collaboration -started last year- for the 23/24 season. With the agreement signed between the company based in A Coruña and the club from A Mariña, is another step in Greenalia’s commitment to the region of A Mariña. An area in which the company plans to develop in the coming years different renewable energy projects, most of them aimed at supplying green energy to the Alcoa plant in San Cibrao.

The agreement signed between Manuel Blanco Fanego, president of the Club, and Greenalia´s CSO, Beatriz Mato, is a further step in Greenalia’s commitment to the intrinsic values of team sports. “In the week in which Spain has become world champion in women’s soccer, we are extremely proud to be able to reissue the partnership with the women’s team of Burela Futsal, champions of the 22-23 League, which has an excellent track record and is an international reference in its defense of gender equality in this sport,” said Beatriz Mato.

In addition to the values of the sport itself, in Greenalia, explained Mato, we share with the club the 5 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are part of the strategy of this team: education, equality, fight against climate change, care for our forests and seas and a healthy lifestyle.

For his part, the club’s president, Manuel Blanco, expressed his satisfaction with this renewal “with a benchmark company in our community. A union that endorses the work we do in the club every day to be better and keep us as a reference in this sport. We hope to continue in this line and increase even more successes to our record, one of the most important in women’s soccer in our country. For this season, we will also pay special attention to achieving greater levels of visibility.”

Supporting local projects in the areas where it operates is a cornerstone of Greenalia’s Sustainability Plan, a company that has a strong commitment to Galicia, where a large part of its projects is located. Thanks to this work, last year it generated an economic impact of 63 million euros in local suppliers and mobilized 180 jobs in the community.

A long history in sports

With more than 20 years of experience in the national futsal elite, and more than 12 betting on women’s sports, the Burela Football Club has won more than twenty titles in the last four years. They have become a reference for minors from all over Spain and other European countries. It has been distinguished with the Castelao Medal, the highest honour that can be awarded to an entity or person in Galicia.

It is a pioneer club in the development of an agreement for its players, who work daily to be the best exponents of the value of sport in society. A model for which it has been awarded as the best women’s club in the world in the last two editions of the Futsal Awards.

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