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Greenalia S.A. Issues a €5.8M corporate bond in the Luxembourg MTF market

This debt issuance involves a five-year corporate bullet bond, listed in the MTF – fixed income market – of Luxembourg, for a total value of 5.8 million euros, with a coupon payment of 6.75% (fixed-annual nominal interest calculated in Current Base / Current ICMA Not adjusted).

The amount captured within this issuance will be exclusively dedicated -as the equity contribution and a holding loan- to Greenalia Power Biomass Curtis-Teixero, S.L. (Greenalia’s subsidiary) for the execution of the 50MWe biomass power generation plant.

Currently, its qualification to green bond is being processed; that will brand Greenalia S.A. as the first Spanish SME company to issue such a product; something key for the group since its main activity is the green economy.

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