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Greenalia signs a renewable energy supply contract to power Alcoa’s San Ciprian aluminum smelter from 2024

  • For this agreement, Greenalia has selected 29 projects, with a total capacity of 924 MW, that will supply 183 MW base load energy to Alcoa’s smelter
  • Greenalia will invest over 1,000 million euros and mobilize over 9,400 jobs with these new wind power developments.
  • The contract is a critical step to promote the long-term viability of the San Ciprian facility in Lugo

Greenalia has signed a contract with Alcoa for the supply of energy from renewable sources at the San Ciprián smelter in Spain from 2024 until the end of 2033. Greenalia is committed to supplying renewable energy to the Lugo plant for up to 183 MW in base load, energy that will be supplied by wind farms that the company, based in A Coruña, is developing in Galicia, mainly planned in the province of Lugo where Alcoa’s facility is located.

This power contract is a very important step for the long-term viability of San Ciprián. The agreement is expected to provide up to 183 megawatts of the smelter’s baseload power consumption, representing approximately 45 percent of the energy required to meet the smelter’s maximum capacity of 228,000 metric tons per year.

For this agreement, Greenalia has selected 29 projects, all of them with access and connection in Galicia, with a total capacity of 924 MW. Greenalia’s new wind power developments will have an investment of more than 1,000 million euros and more than 9,400 jobs mobilized.

Another key is the commitment to renewable energy through facilities implemented in Galicia. This reflects the clear commitment of both companies to the territory and sustainability.

“The signing of this PPA is a new milestone in the company’s history, especially for what it means in terms of contributing to improving the competitiveness of industry in Galicia – in this specific case for the electro-intensive industry – and, consequently, for the future of so many jobs that, in one way or another, depend on this industry. We are convinced that alliances like this help to provide solutions to one of the major problems that factories like San Ciprián must face, the price of energy, and to do so in a sustainable way”, says Manuel García, CEO of the company.

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