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Greenalia starts a foundation to strengthen its csr initiative

  • Greenalia’s BoD sets as one of 2020 milestones the creation of a Foundation that will lead and support Renewable Energy Transition and Equality initiatives in line with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

Greenalia’s Board of Directors met yesterday and defined the company’s core strategic objectives for 2020 after the important achievements of 2019.
In 2019, the company’s Biomass Plant (Curtis-Teixeiro) progressed greatly and it is scheduled to be connected to the grid in the following days. In addition to this, Greenalia synchronized its Miñón Wind Farm (Vimianzo) in December and grew up its fotovoltaic portfolio. Wind, Solar and Biomass projects will be at the core of the company’s efforts in 2020 with the goal of surpassing 250MW in both “in operation” and “under construction” projects.

The Board’s meeting has announced one of the key objectives for 2020: the creation of a Foundation that will pursue renewable energy transition and equality initiatives. Through these initiatives the Company wants to give-back to society and the environment part of the wealth that is generated from the Company’s sustainable projects.

The Foundation will become instrumental in channeling environmental, sustainable and diversity initiatives in the towns and regions where it operates. It will become another path and propeller towards the UNs Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of 2030 and another step in the consolidation of Greenalia’s strong Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and agenda.

The plan is to complete the creation of the Foundation in the first half of 2020. The Board has already been working in its design, key profiles, legal implications and dimension. “We understand that we are generating a very important asset and tool, through which we’ll be able to channel and respond to the growing need to return to society and the environment part of the wealth that we are generating through efficient and sustainable use of renewable energy resources” the company’s official statement stands. This new strategic move from Greenalia is aligned with several of the 17 UN SDGs: wellbeing, gender equality, renewable energy, the improvement of earth ecosystems, action to prevent climate change, innovation in industry and the pursuit of more sustainable communities and cities. Greenalia is deeply committed to these and its own sustainability objectives, that is why this new move has been pushed into the company’s 2020 strategic agenda.

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