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Greenalia successfully completes the implementation of the first phase of protection measures for the fern dryopteris Guanchica in one of the wind farms

Greenalia concluded the first phase of recovery of a unique fern species present in one of its wind farms under construction, in Vimianzo, the macaronesic fern Dryopteris Guanchica, classified as vulnerable at the Galician Catalogue of Threatened Species. The University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), through the Laboratory of Environmental Technology, has led the operations with support from the Center of Agroforestry Training and Experimentation of Guísamo (CFEA). 

At this first phase, individuals were located, identified and subsequently transplanted to a nearby location optimal for its development. With the authorization of the Directorate-General of Natural Heritage (Direccion Xeral de Patrimonio Natural), the works were carried out following their guidelines by highly qualified personnel of the USC and CFEA Guísamo. The latter ones have been conducting similar works with this species Dryopteris Guanchica in other locations of the Galician region. 

El buen estado de conservación de los ejemplares de Dryopteris Guanchica. Dryopteris Guanchica in good condition with new fronds growing quickly; the survival rate is 100%


In a second phase, aligned with the end of the wind farm construction works, an additional population will be established from the spores of the existing individuals in order to increase the presence of this species in the area. “We will allocate a shaded area for the reproduction of this species to ensure its conservation” – the CEO has announced.

Greenalia organizes field trips for the office staff as part of an internal program designed to learn about aspects related to the biodiversity present in the project areas and the measures put in place to protect them; it is an opportunity to learn and to get involved. 

We invite you to watch a short video about one of these field trips organized to learn about this very special fern. 



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