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Greenalia verifies with TÜV SÜD its sustainability report, one more step in its policy of transparency and good governance

  • Independent assessments in environmental, social and environmental solutions have been established as  a fundamental tool to comply with sustainability,  transparency and good corporate governance policies.

For the first time and in pursuit of greater corporate transparency, Greenalia has submitted its 2020 Sustainability Report to an independent verification process that has been carried out by  TÜV SÜD. The validation and certification project has been carried out based on Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) international sustainability reporting standards, – the global leading compliance institution on environmental sustainability reporting and/or documents in which organizations report on economic aspects, environmental and social activities, products and services-.

Once the process was completed, TÜV SÜD, a leading company in the search for solutions in sustainability and good corporate governance, has ratified that the sustainability report presented by Greenalia is in accordance with the principles and guidelines specified by GRI, and the information provided is truthful. This verification also improves the quality, usefulness and credibility of data and management processes.

In the words of Beatriz Mato, Greenalia’s CSO, “our strength in sustainability lies in the fact that it is a commitment assumed by all levels of the company, starting with its main driver, our CEO, Manuel García. This Sustainability Report verification, together with our ESG Plan and the entry of the director of sustainability in the Board level adds a plus of responsibility. All the people in the organization must go on working day by day to continue creating value in a sustainable and respectful way”

For Diana Abengózar, consultant and auditor of the UN of Sustainability and Good Governance of TÜV SÜD, “our goal is to accompany companies in the development of their commitments acquired in the 2030 Agenda and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals”. To this end, the company offers solutions and services aimed at facilitating the correct fulfillment of the objectives of companies in terms of environmental and social sustainability,  as well as in the principles of good governance. “Because only those companies that bet on models based on good governance and sustainability strategies will be really competitive in the medium and long term,” added Diana Abengózar.

With this evaluation, Greenalia takes another step in its transparency policy, through which the renewable energy producer relates with the environment and projects its contribution to the territory. The 2020 was the second Sustainability Report of the organization and the first verified, thus allowing it to complete the published financial information, explaining its origin and the way in which it reaches those figures.

This action is part of the commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance factors that make up Sustainability), which Greenalia has been increasing over the years. All this with the aim that sustainability and CSR are present in a transversal way in all the projects developed by the company and to continue the path undertaken in previous years with the approval of the Strategic Sustainability Plan.

Thus, during the past year, the renewable energy producer has had a special impact on the promotion of social support programs in those territories in which it is developing business projects. In this way, taking into account the difficulties generated by  COVID-19, social initiatives were carried out to support families in the 2020/21 return to school in five Galician municipalities (4 on the Costa da Morte and one in Lugo). To this end, agreements were signed with local administrations, through which financial aid was established for the purchase of school supplies that benefited half a thousand families with children. These initiatives have served as a preamble to what will be the Greenalia Foundation for the Energy Transition, an entity through which social, inclusion and equality projects will be developed in those environments in which the company is implanted.

In addition, in the environmental ESG aspect, they continue to calculate their carbon footprint to continue being a Carbon Neutral company, adhering to FSC International, and maintain the Fair Wood certification.

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