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Greenalia will build up 185 MW of wind energy projects in Galicia

Greenalia has identified the wind projects that will develop within the framework of the July 27, 2017 auctionfor electricity production from renewable energy sources.

Greenalia Power S.L. was awarded a with a power of 133,333 MW for the production of wind energy in last July auction. Additionally, the recent acquisition to Hocensa Empresa Constructora S.A. of 49MW and to SistemasEnergéticos Sierra de Valdefuentes, S.L.U. of 2.50MW rights -from the same auction- has allowed to identify a total amount of 185MW.

The full list of identified projects is the following:

  • Campelo Wind Farm (46,20 MW)
  • Bustelo Wind Farm (46,20 MW)
  • Monte Toural Wind Farm (21 MW)
  • Ourol Wind Farm (24 MW)
  • Miñón Wind Farm (24,25 MW)
  • Alto da Croa Wind Farm (8 MW)
  • Alto da Croa II Wind Farm (17,32 MW)

In accordance with the First Additional Provision “Projects declared of special interest” of the Law 8/2009 of December 22, the projects indicated above will be declared of special interest by the Xunta de Galicia, which will accelerate the administrative procedures with the aim of obtain all the permits and authorizations ready in the month of October. In this sense, October 13th is the deadline indicated to submit the administrative authorizations of each projectto the Ministry.

The commissioning of these 7 wind farms, which will be entirely developed in Galicia, will mean an investment of 185 million euros, over a billion income from energy sales (for 25 years period) and an EBITDA above 20 million euros in the year 2020. Likewise, it will represent a generation of 1,850 jobs approximately – during the construction and operation phase-, and 56 direct jobs during the operation. This milestone will allow Greenalia to resume with its expansion, consolidating its participation in the renewable energy sector, with a special attendance in Galicia.

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