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Greenalia will develop three solar photovoltaic plants in Alicante totallling 150 MW

  • These facilities will take over 67 million Euros investment and the mobilization of more than 1,100 jobs during construction and operation
  • The company CEO, Manuel García, held a meeting today with Government officials in Valencia to present Greenalia’s projects in this region
  • The institutional agenda of the company also included Beatriz Mato, Greenalia’s Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) meeting the mayors of Alicante’s Municipalities where these facilities will be established

Greenalia has presented their solar-photovoltaic energy projects in Valencia to the Valencian Government, where they expect to install 150 MWp solar-photovoltaics in three plants of 50 MWp each, all in the province of Alicante. This was explained in the meeting held between Greenalia’s CEO, Manuel García; Greenalia’s CSO, Beatriz Mato, and the regional secretary for Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Consumption, Rebeca Torró.

As company officials explained, the expected developments in this community are Santa Anna l and II in the municipalities of Monforte del Cid in Alicante and Casa Mosén in Salinas. They are all in the examination phase, with connection rights.

These facilities expect an investment greater than 67 million Euros and the mobilization of more than 1,100 jobs during its construction and maintenance. Each one will have a production capacity of 100,000 MWh/year.

In addition to this meeting with the Valencian Government, the institutional agenda of Greenalia in the Valencian community included a series of meetings of Greenalia’s CSO, Beatriz Mato, with the mayors of the councils where these plants are going to be located with the objective of establishing a permanent dialogue and explaining the project to them. Moreover, she took the opportunity to advance the company’s CSR strategy, where the line of collaboration with the councils where the company has renewable developments will be framed, which will be channeled through the Greenalia Foundation for Energy Transition. The main objective of this is to support social initiatives in the settings the company works in, where they want to act with the widest possible consensus.

With a 3.2 GW pipeline, Greenalia is committed to promoting them in zones of better resources according to the technology to be developed. In this framework, it has 660 MW in photovoltaic processing, in projects located in the main resource areas of the Iberian Peninsula (Andalusia and the 150 MW of the Valencian Community, Alicante), classified as Zone V, with an annual capacity factor of 22-25% (more than 2,000h production annually), much higher than the annual average of 18.8% (1645 equivalent hours, according to the 2018 Electric System Operation Report, published by REE).

With its head office in Galicia, the company has one of the sector’s most diversified pipelines and is differentiated from the rest of renewable energy companies due to having projects in four technologies (onshore windfarms, offshore windfarms, photovoltaic and biomass) in development. It’s currently the only company with floating offshore windfarms in examination in Spain, a technology it’s clearly committed to with developments in our country and with which it wants to position itself as one of the main international models, thus driving the great capacities of the Spanish industry in the sector through these developments.

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