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Greenalia will support local sports entities in Coristanco with a special program part of its esg strategy

  • This project is part of the company’s ESG strategy, that aims to invest and collaborate in the local communities where the company develops its renewable projects
  • Through the agreement signed today between the renewable energy producer and the Local Administration, will benefit 250 local sportsmen and women

The renewable energy producer Greenalia will finance an annual sporting activities promotion program, specifically aimed at the initial categories or grassroots sports. For this aid, Greenalia will allocate a budget of 20,000 euros, as stated in the agreement signed today between the two administrations. This accord was signed this morning between the town’s mayor, Juan Carlos García Pose, and Greenalia’s CSO, Beatriz Mato.

These funds, which will be managed through the City Council services, are aimed at local grassroots sports entities and for individual athletes who compete in relevant events within the regional, national, or international levels. It is expected that this aid program will benefit around 250 sportsmen and sportswomen.

Within the framework of this agreement, the Greenalia´s CSO, Beatriz Mato, highlighted the work of social integration that sport has “due to the values of effort, companionship and teamwork that it transmits, and which are so necessary for people’s day-to-day lives“.

This action is part of the company’s social action strategy, through which Greenalia wants to reinvest in those areas where it builds and operates its wind farms. In the Costa da Morte area, the company has 52 MW in operation, to which three new wind farms (Campelo, Bustelo and Monte Tourado) with a total of 110 MW and now under construction will soon be added.

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