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Ourol wind farm in Spain will produce over 65,000 MWh yearly, equal to the annual energy consumption of 20,000 homes

  • This is Greenalia’s second park in operation and the company already building another three in Costa da Morte that will add another 28 MW
  • Ourol’s construction and commissioning phases have mobilized 230 jobs and have generated an economic impact for the municipality of more than 800,000 euros in ICIO construction tax and other fees

Ourol (Lugo) wind farm will produce over 65,000 MWh over the course of this year and will also have a positive effect on the environment, as the renewable energy it produces will avoid the generation of 24,150 tCO2 per year – the equivalent of that produced by 16,300 cars over the course of an entire year. The annual production of this park would be capable of supplying 20,000 homes.

The wind farm, which started operating at the beginning of the year, is composed of a total of five 4.5 MW machines, representing an output of 22.5 MW, with a hub height of 109 m and a rotor diameter of 136 m. The investment in the project added-up to 26 million euros and mobilized 230 jobs. This project has also provided the municipal council with sizeable economic benefits in the form of fees and taxes such as the ICIO construction tax – bringing in more than 800,000 euros for Ourol.

Greenalia’s strengthens its commitment to renewable energy in Galicia and is currently making progress in the construction of three new wind farms in the Costa da Morte: Alto de Croa, Alto de Croa II and Monte Tourado, with the three wind farms producing a total of 28 MW after their completion in the second half of the year.

An additional 270 MW of wind farms is to be developed in the coming years. As such, during 2021, the company will begin the construction of the wind farms pending development included in its Eolo I plan, which will amount to a total of 135 MW and for which funding has already been agreed. To this, they add a further 135 MW awarded in January in the Ministry of Ecological Transition’s renewables auction. In total, 270 MW will be progressively implemented from 2022 onwards.

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