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Penas Boas wind farm in Spain will have a 16.8 mw capacity and will produce more than 60,000 mwh, enough energy to supply 17,000 homes on average

  • This installation located between the municipalities of Aranga and Oza-Cesuras will contain four wind turbines and will be built with an expected investment of 14 million euros.
  • Its construction and operation will create 170 jobs for the local area and will contribute more than 400,000 euros to the municipality through taxes and fees.

Greenalia, based in A Coruña, will be developing 16.8 MW Penas Boas wind farm between Aranga and Oza-Cesuras Municipalities, areas that are included within the Galician Sectorial wind farm plan. Its development is part of the 135 MW awarded to Greenalia in the renewable energy auction held by the Ministry of Ecological Transition in January this year.

The public announcement will be made tomorrow after its publication in the Official Gazette of Galicia today. The Wind Farm will be made up of 4 wind turbines with a hub height of 123 meters and a rotor diameter of 150 meters and will produce 60,267 MWh each year, enough energy to supply 17,000 homes on average.

The facilities implementation project is expected to take five months and will create more than 170 jobs. The budget for the park is 14 million euros and its construction will add more than 400,000 euros to the municipality through taxes and fees. On top of this, the company will also generate 64,000 euros every year for the land owners as a lease, a total of almost 2 million euros for the duration of the project.

Penas Boas Wind Farm will be located outside of the Galician Network of Protected Spaces and the Natura 2000 Network, including the area contained within the latter’s Extension Proposal. The development area does not include any IBAs (Important Bird Areas), any priority areas for reproduction, feeding, dispersal or local concentration of birds, nor any core areas of the Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo Biosphere Reserve. It should also be highlighted that no part of the wind farm encroaches on any of the areas included in the Galician catalogue of wetlands and there are also no specimens from the Galician Catalogue of Unique Trees within the farm development area, with the closest being located quite a distance away.

The presence of the Penas Boas Wind Farm is deemed to be compatible with the criteria established in the Landscape Catalogue of Galicia, since the turbines will not be visible from one of the two routes included in the catalogue, which are located less than 15 km from the farm.

Furthermore, an environmental impact study carried out for the project demonstrates that there will be no negative effect on habitats during the operating phase of the project, in fact it will actually involve habitat restoration. Work will be carried out to manage plant biomass within a radius of 100 meters around the wind turbines, which will encourage recolonization, restoration and preservation of the local heaths, which have become degraded and disrupted under the tree plantations.

Finally, as established in the archaeology and cultural heritage report, corrective measures have been established to guarantee suitable protection and preservation of all elements recognized as artistic heritage.
In any case, it is important to remember that the project is still in the initial application phase, so it will continue to be adapted according to any environmental and heritage recommendations that may come from the various administrations in their respective reports, to ensure that the farm is developed properly and with the utmost respect for the environment.

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