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Greenalia submits Santa Anna I, 50 MW solar plant, to public exhibition in Spain (Alicante)

  • Santa Anna I will be developed in Monforte del Cid (Alicante) with over 35 million euros in investment and over 300 jobs mobilized
  • The company has a total of 660 MW Solar in the pipeline, 150 MW in the Valencian Community

Greenalia continues with its renewable energy pipeline development in Spain and submits to public information a new solar plant, in this case in the Valencian Community, specifically in Monforte del Cid (Alicante). As detailed in the documentation published in Alicante´s Official Gazette, Santa Anna I Solar Plant, foresees a total of 84,696 panels and a 50 MWp capacity. For its commissioning, the company foresees an investment of over 35 million euros and the mobilization of 320 jobs.

Once in operation, the facility will have an annual production of 106,970 MWh, a figure that is equivalent of the energy consumption, from renewable sources, of 20,300 families, which is a step forward in the decarbonization process, since it allows the reduction of 14,700 tCO2 emmited in to the atmosphere.

The project is complemented by the Environmental Impact Study (EIA) presented by Greenalia in which different preventive, corrective and complementary measures are included to integrate the photovoltaic park into the environment and reduce any possible synergistic effect.

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