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The bond of 55 million euros issued by Greenalia obtains the maximum rating from Standar&Poors in its green evaluation

  • Last December the company successfully completed a five-year senior bond issuance intended to bolster its investment plan.
  • Greenalia has just obtained 135 MW of wind power capacity from the renewable energy auction held this week by the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition.

The 55 million euros bond issued last December by Greenalia in MARF (Spanish Alternative Bond Market) has obtained a B1 rating from the S&P Green Evaluation, the highest of the four possible levels, with E4 being the lowest. The rating was achieved after the operation was evaluated over three key areas: transparency, governance and mitigation. The rating agency’s evaluation report confirmed that their weighted sum gave a result of 76 points.

It should be noted that the issuance of 55 million euros of senior bonds on the MARF last December was completed successfully. The nominal unit amount for each bond, intended for qualified investors, was 100,000 euros, with a maturity date of 5 years and a coupon of 4.95%. The issuance was able to achieve its initial objective with support from institutional investors and the company’s two main shareholders (Manuel García and Jose María Castellano).

This is the 4th green bond issued by the Company: the first was issued in Spain and the other three in Luxembourg. Greenalia continues to consolidate itself as a benchmark company for these types of issuances and secures its position as a leading SME in these types of operations.
The funds obtained through this operation, which just achieved the highest green bond rating from Standard & Poor’s, will be used to cancel the three existing bonds on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (MTF) and other loans, in addition to continuing development of the company’s portfolio of renewable energy projects.

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