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Over 30 companies participate in Greenalia’s RFI for Gofio, its first floating offshore wind farm in Spain

Greenalia continues to make progress in the development of its floating offshore wind project, Gofio, located in the southeast of Gran Canaria (Spain), after completing the RFI (Request for Information) process aimed at global companies in the offshore wind supply chain.

The response to this process has been very satisfactory, with the participation of over thirty companies. In this way, the company has been able to evaluate different combinations and contracting strategies for the execution of the Gofio project, having obtained technical, commercial, and economic-financial proposals for all phases of construction.

Thus, the participating companies have provided information on the solutions they propose for the Gofio project, with proposals from technologists with registered patents for floating foundations; manufacturers of both floating foundations and anchoring systems; submarine cable suppliers and installers; ports and shipyards for assembly operations; marine installers; and EPCI companies for onshore operations.

In this way, this RFI has served to pre-qualify those companies that will be part of the subsequent Request for Quotation and Proposal (RFQ/RFP) process that will lead to the final contracts for the Gofio floating offshore wind farm (50 MW).

With this new step, Greenalia reaffirms its commitment to the development of an incipient line of business such as floating offshore wind power, one of the renewable generation sources destined to be the basis for green growth in Europe in the coming years.

Greenalia expects Gofio wind farm to be the first offshore wind farm in Spain and, with this, it will help to push forward in the energy transition, which is becoming more urgent after the effects of the war in Ukraine and its important impact on European energy markets. In this respect, the Gofio is expected to produce the equivalent of the consumption of 75,000 households, with a net capacity factor of close to 60%, a key aspect for the stability of the region’s energy grid.


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