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Seven of Greenalia’s wind farms that will supply spanish electro intensive industry obtain the ‘accelerated permitting exception’

  • The projects have been considered strategic because of their backbone relevance in the territory and their social and economic impact
  • Totalling 525 MW these projects are part of the agreements reached with the Alcoa and Showa Denko corporations

A total of 7 wind farms planned by Greenalia in the autonomous community of Galicia have obtained the so-called “exceptionality” established in Law 9/2021, thanks to which it will be possible to accelerate their permitting. This qualification is established after ratifying the social, territorial, and economic benefits and backbone relevance of the projects for the Galician Community.

All the Wind Farms (WF) processed through the Ministry of Ecological Transition of the Spanish Government need reports from the Galician Administration, so this qualification is key to move forward in a fast track in the development of these projects. All of them will be supplying green energy at a stable price to the electro-intensive industry in this community.

Specifically, five of these facilities – planned in the province of Lugo – are part of the agreement signed between Greenalia and Alcoa for the renewable energy supply to its plant in San Cibrao (Lugo). Thus, the Wind Farms to be developed under the umbrella of this administrative figure are Borrasca, Boura, Levante, Monzón and Ventisca, with a total capacity of 403 MW and a forecast investment of over 350 million euros.

More in detail, the Boura WF will have an installed capacity of 72.8 MW. It contemplates 13 wind turbines, 105 meters high and 150 meters rotor, between Abadín and A Pastoriza (Lugo). Ventisca, with 89.6 MW, foresees 16 machines of the same characteristics to be in Pol. Monzón, with 50.4 MW of nominal power, will be made up of 9 wind turbines distributed between A Pastoriza and Meira (Lugo). In the Mariña Lucense Borrasca WF is located, with a foreseen power of 84 MW and the installation of 15 wind turbines of 105 meters high and 150 rotor diameters in lands of the municipalities of Foz, Lourenzá and Mondoñedo (Lugo). Finally, the most powerful will be Levante, with 106.4 MW, which foresees the installation of 19 wind turbines in the municipalities of As Nogais, Becerreá and Triacastela (Lugo).

These installations will be joined by another 24 smaller ones to reach 924 MW of installed power, which will meet 45% of the energy needs of Alcoa’s Plant in Lugo.

Support for the competitiveness of industries

In addition to the agreement with Alcoa, an agreement has been reached with the Japanese multinational Showa Denko for its facilities in A Coruña. With the agreement signed between Greenalia and the Japanese company, the renewable energy producer will supply part of the energy produced in the Wind Farms Orzar and Tornado, developments planned in the municipalities of Carballo, Val do Dubra, Tordoia and Trazo (province of A Coruña) and with a capacity of 123.2 MW.

Both wind farms, with an investment of more than 100 million euros, are currently being processed and have also been classified as exceptional.

As regards technical characteristics, the Orzar WF (56 MW) foresees the installation of 10 wind turbines with a unit power of 5.6 MW, 105 meters hub height and 150 meters rotor diameter. The Tornado WF (67.2 MW) will consist of 12 machines with a hub height of 105 m and a rotor diameter of 150 m and a unit power of 5.6 MW.

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