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Greenalia accelerates the permitting process of its wind pipeline in Spain and submits Cabanelas wind farm, 18 MW, to public exhibition

  • The new project, planned between the municipalities of A Estrada, Cerdedo-Cotobade and Forcarei (Pontevedra, Galicia), contemplates over 14 million euros investment
    Once in operation, it will generate green energy equivalent to the annual consumption of over 15,000 families and avoid 22,000 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere

The renewable energy producer Greenalia continues the permitting process of its wind portfolio in Spain, with a new wind farm now in public exhibition phase, Cabanelas Wind Farm (WF), a 18 MW facility with 4 wind turbines, to be installed in the municipalities of A Estrada (3) and Forcarei (1), Cerdedo-Cotobade is added due to the fact that its where part of the evacuation infrastructure runs.

These four wind turbines are 90 meters high and 145 meters rotor in diameter. The Cabanelas WF will produce 61,547 MWh/year of green energy, the equivalent of the annual consumption of over 15,000 families. A figure that will allow to avoid the consumption of more than 38,000 Brent barrels and, therefore, avoid 22,000 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

With over 14 million euros investment it will contribute with more than 300,000 euros to the municipal coffers through fees and taxes.

As stated in the Environmental Impact Study (EIA), annex to the project in the public information phase, the Cabanelas WF will be located outside the Galician Network of Protected Areas and the Natura 2000 Network, including the expansion proposal. Likewise, for the design of the project, the IBA (Important Bird Area) and priority areas of reproduction, feeding, dispersal and local concentration of birds have been excluded, as well as the Biosphere Reserves and the Galician Wetlands Catalogue.

This new wind facility will be in a mostly forest and scrub area, so the impact on the natural heritage will be very low and easily revegetated. In its area of influence, no activities or popular festivals are developed so neither the works nor the presence of the wind turbines will affect the celebrations that are traditionally held in the parishes closest to the area, with an additional proposal by the company to paralyze construction work in case it coincides with the celebration of Sabucedo’s Rapa das Bestas to avoid any discomfort.

From the landscape perspective, the park is located about 15 km from the Via de la Plata (Way of antiago), so the projected machines will not be visible from this pilgrimage route. Regarding cultural heritage, a couple of archaeological elements were detected for which preventive measures are established so that the area is marked and outside any work area.

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