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Greenalia registers strong 1H22 results and consolidates its international and technological diversity strategy

  • The company closed 1H22 with over 53 million euros in revenues and 24 million euros EBITDA, which shows a 49% growth versus the same period last year

Greenalia consolidates its business model, advances in its growth strategy, and consolidates its expansion model in the US, where it is strengthening its presence with new projects in wind, solar and storage technologies. This is a growing market in which the company has opened its US Headquarters Office and diversified its pipeline (now adding-up to 6 GW, 48% of which is located in the US) into 6 technologies.

The main end-of-semester-figures include 53.1 million euros in revenues, doubling last year’s same period results, a 10 million euros Net Profit, and 24.5 million euros EBITDA (up 49%). These figures reflect the company’s consolidation and excellent performance of its assets in operation (5 wind projects and a biomass plant totaling 125 MW).

In addition to the pipeline growth (onshore and offshore wind, solar, storage, biomass, and hydrogen), another important milestone was the signing of two important PPAs for the supply of renewable energy. Specifically, these agreements were signed with two electro-intensive companies with plants in the north-western community of Galicia in Spain. The first was signed with the Japanese multinational Showa Denko for its A Coruña Plant, with a 123 MW capacity. And the second with Alcoa to supply its San Cibrao Plant in Lugo, with 924 MW capacity, which makes it the largest PPA in Europe.

Strong commitment to sustainability

In ESG matters, Greenalia remains firmly committed to sustainability, an area in which several milestones achieved in this period stand out. Thus, its adherence to initiatives such as The Climate Pledge, which brings forward by a decade the goal of reducing its CO2 emissions to zero, is another example of its track record in the fight against climate change.

During the first half of the year, the organization also began implementing its Risk Management System and took important steps in the Corporate Governance with the rolling-out of new developments in its Compliance Program like the approval of its Anti-Corruption/Bribery Regulations.

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