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Greenalia buys five wind farms with 73 MW of power in total

Greenalia has settled the purchase of five wind farms in Galicia – three of them to Gamesa Siemens and the other two to Tasga Renovables and Construcciones Taboada and Ramos – with a total capacity of 73MW.

The purchase has been accomplished through several operations. Its subsidiary, Greenalia Power S.L., acquired a wind farm from Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Wind Farms and another two from Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Invest.

These companies are Sistemas Energéticos del Umia (a 14MW wind farm), Sistemas Energéticos Alto da Croa (a 8MW wind farm) and Sistemas Energéticos Edreida (another 6MW wind farm); which will now become 100% dependent of Greenalia’s power energy subsidiary.

In addition, Greenalia Power S.L. has realized the absorption of Enebro Renovables S.L., subsidiary of Tasga Renovables S.L. and Construcciones Taboada and Ramos S.L. , including two SPVs companies with a wind project each: Greenalia Wind Power Ourol S.L., with a wind farm of 24MW; and Greenalia Wind Power Friol S.L., with another of 21MW.

These actions will allow Greenalia Power S.L. to resume with its strategy of expansion and promotion of new wind projects developments.

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