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Greenalia closed 2020 reinforcing its sustainability area and its ESG policies

  • The producer of renewable energy launched a specific department for these areas and social actions were promoted in the municipalities where projects are being undertaken
  • In 2020, the company began the implementation of its First Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Plan which includes more than 20 goals to advance equal opportunities
  • Currently, it is working on the Second Sustainability Report and the revision of the Strategic Sustainability Plan to adapt it to the new SDGs

The promotion of sustainability in the ESG (Environment, Social, and Corporate Governance) framework has been one of the axes around which the work of the new Sustainability Department at Greenalia has revolved.

An area created during 2020 with the objective of sustainability and CSR being present in a cross-cutting way in all the projects developed by the company and to continue the path taken in previous years in which the Strategic Sustainability Plan was developed, which has been the company’s road map in this area.

The producer of renewable energies has placed special emphasis on the promotion of social support programs in those regions where it is undertaking business projects. Thus, considering the difficulties brought on by COVID-19, agreements were launched with five Galician municipalities (4 on the Costa da Morte and one in Lugo) to support families in the return to school during the 2020/21 school year. To this end, agreements were signed with local governments through which financial aid was established for the purchase of school supplies that benefited 500 families with minors.

In educational matters, there was also the agreement signed with Cáritas Coruña last November which governed the donation of laptops for the FamiliaEduca program managed by said NGO.
These initiatives have served as a preamble to what will be the Greenalia Foundation for Energy Transition, an entity which is in the process of being established. With its startup, Greenalia will undertake social, inclusion, and equality projects in the environments where it works.

ESG standards

In addition, with the aim of continuing to advance Corporate Governance Policies, a compliance action plan is being worked on in line with ESG standards and with the aim of incorporating the best practices of the market for the entire team. Internally, talent management and cybersecurity actions have been strengthened.
In terms of the environmental aspect, we continue to calculate our carbon footprint to become a carbon neutral company once again. In addition, we have adhered to FSC International, thus strengthening our commitment and maintaining our Fair Wood certification.

2020-2023 Strategic Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Plan

2020 was the year in which Greenalia’s first Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (2020-2023) was approved – a plan with which the equality of opportunities between women and men will be promoted and guaranteed. For its development and follow-up, an Equality Commission was created – a body designed to ensure compliance with the more than 20 objectives set out in the document approved this second half of the year. Attached to this plan, the protocol for the prevention and treatment of sexual and gender-based harassment in the workplace has been approved.

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