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Greenalia donates school material to students in vimianzo as part of its csr strategy for municipalities where its developing wind projects

  • Greenalia currently has three wind farms in different stages of construction: Alto da Croa II, in Dumbría, and Alto da Croa and Monte Tourado, in Vimianzo
  • More than 500 students will benefit from this scheme for 20-21 academic year
  • The initiative is part of the company’s CSR policy and is one of the first projects launched under the umbrella of the Greenalia Foundation to promote the energy transition

Greenalia is moving forward with its wind farm projects in Costa da Morte, where it currently has three wind farms in different stages of construction: Alto da Croa II, in Dumbría, and Alto da Croa and Monte Tourado, both in Vimianzo. Work is expected to begin over the coming days now that the area has been cleared of trees and shrubbery.

This was confirmed today by the company after it delivered school materials to students in Vimianzo enrolled in the 2020-21 school year, which was carried out as part of the agreement signed this July with the municipal councils in Dumbría, Santa Comba, Coristanco and Vimianzo. Through this agreement, Greenalia committed to provide school and sports materials to some 500 school children in these municipalities, with a particular focus on those students who may be in especially vulnerable situations.

This initiative forms part of the company’s CSR policy and paves the way for the future social action programs of the Greenalia Foundation, through which Greenalia intends to reinvest in the areas where it operates.

Along these lines, this social program is aimed at supporting students in the municipalities of Coristanco, Dumbría, Santa Comba and Vimianzo, where the renewable energy company currently has wind farms in operational or project stages.  School materials will therefore be delivered to the other remaining municipalities over the coming days, as was done today in Vimianzo, where Beatriz Mato, Greenalia’s Director of Corporate Development and Sustainability, travelled to oversee the handover in person, accompanied by the Mayor, Mónica Rodríguez. Through this measure, the company seeks to help families during an unprecedented and exceptionally challenging back-to-school period in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

Greenalia is committed to promoting the role of wind farms in the recovery of Spain’s economy, with a particular focus on boosting employment in rural areas, as the wind farms help to maintain populations in the areas where they are built.  The company already has one wind farm in Miñón, in Vimianzo, with an installed capacity of 24 MW, and it plans to complete three more in Costa da Morte by the end of this year: Alto da Croa II (10.4 MW), in Dumbría, and Alto da Croa (7.3 MW) and Monte Tourado (10.4 MW), in Vimianzo. Alongside these, the company also has three other projects planned in the municipalities of Coristanco and Santa Comba (Monte Toural, Campelo and Bustelo) that are currently in the application stages.

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