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Greenalia expands its US presence with 303 MW Blue Hills onshore wind project in Texas

  • With this new development, the company accelerates its US expansion process where it already has a solar pipeline of over 1.2 GW and 385 MW of storage

Greenalia advances in the development of its US renewable energy portfolio. It does so with the processing of the Blue hills Project, a 303 MW Onshore Wind Farm with which the company begins technological diversification in the American country, where it now reaches a pipeline of over 1.8 GW in solar, wind and storage technologies.

This wind farm, in an advanced development stage, will have 46 wind turbines and will be in the state of Texas, in an area with significant wind resource. Construction is expected to begin between 2H FY23 and 1H FY24.  All necessary agreements have been reached with both the aviation authorities and the Department of Defense for the installation of the said wind turbines.

Greenalia, which began operating in the US two years ago, acquired a renewable energy company in 2021 with a portfolio of 695MWp of ready-to-build (RTB) solar PV, plus 385MW of one-hour battery storage, currently under development.

The company considers this market entry essential in its new Strategic Plan, which is also key to consolidating its role in the fight against climate change. For Misae II Solar Farm, the supply of all plant transformers and all panels has been ensured. In this way, the forecast is to have the first two units by the end of 2022 and the third by the 2Q of 2023. The panels will be received between January and October 2023, in line with construction phases.

Likewise, the interconnection works, valued at 18 million dollars, have already started, and are expected to be completed in April 2023, with the evacuation access being ready so that when the project, which will be completed in phases, is finalized it can immediately start to export energy to the network.

In parallel, Greenalia continues to expand in the USA where it has added to Misae II Project four other solar projects (WensowitchRatcliff, Reis and Wittig) totalling 451 MW in early-stage state of development in different areas of the state of Texas.

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