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Greenalia promotes the solidarity initiative “17 games, 17 causes” promoted by Basquet Coruña

  • This action is part of the company’s Sustainability Plan, where inclusion, solidarity and volunteering are fundamental pillars of its development

Greenalia, an independent producer of energy with exclusively renewable techniques, will be the new sponsor of the solidarity program “17 games, 17 causes” promoted by the Basquet Coruña club. An initiative that has started with the season and will continue during all its home games.

Through this project it is intended that, in each LEB home game, visibility is given to an entity or social cause that works for the benefit of the local community. “An excellent opportunity – explain Beatriz Mato, CSO Greenalia -, which includes up to 17 different occasions to show and increase the visibility to the fans, media and society the number of people, unsung heroes in our city defending the different social causes that are carried out in A Coruña. All of them thanks to solidarity referent entities”.

This action is a new step in the strategy of Greenalia, through the Greenalia Foundation for Energy Transition, in the collaboration and support to different projects for inclusion and equality. Many of them, Beatriz Mato recalls, developed thanks to the volunteers of the entities with which we collaborate and the volunteer hours of Greenalia’s own team, a fundamental work without which many of the projects would have a more difficult viability.

Supporting local projects of social interest in those environments in which it operates is an axis of Greenalia’s Sustainability Plan, which this year has signed a total of 8 collaboration agreements in this line with different organizations.

Basquet Coruña, founded in 1996, is the reference club in the city and its area of influence. With around 700 children between its own and external schools, Basquet Coruña is the largest basketball academy in Galicia. A sporting practice that the club complements with numerous activities, always within a framework of social awareness towards the values of sport and healthy habits.

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