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Greenalia is processing a new wind farm in Spain, As Louseiras, 26.4 MW and 20.5 million investment

  •  This WF is linked to the agreement with Alcoa to supply energy to the San Cibrao factory

Greenalia advances in the development of wind energy in the Iberian Peninsula and submits to public information a new wind farm. Planned in the municipalities of A Pastoriza and Meira, the As Louseiras wind farm will have an installed capacity of 26.4 MW, an investment of 20.5 million euros and the mobilization of more than a hundred jobs.

This installation, which foresees the commissioning of 4 wind turbines of 6.6 MW of unitary power and 122.5 meters of hub height, is part of the agreement with Alcoa for the supply of green energy to the plant in San Cibrao (Lugo).

Its production of clean energy will avoid more than 29,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and will produce energy equivalent to that generated by 48,500 barrels of Brent. This means a consumption equivalent to that of 19,100 families, generated through a clean and non-polluting source.

An area outside the Natura 2000 Network has been selected for the location of the park, far from the Special Protection Areas for Birds (SPA) and Special Areas of Conservation (SAC).

The area where the project will be implemented is predominantly forested, with a predominance of fast-growing species, and the existing access roads will be used to a large extent.

With respect to birdlife, the design with only 4 wind turbines reduces the barrier effect and possible collisions, also facilitating the birds’ ability to react. The distance between wind turbines and, therefore, the permeability of the wind farm allows birds to cross the crossing between the wind turbines.

After the corresponding heritage studies, it was concluded that there are no listed elements or elements of cultural interest in the area. As for archaeological heritage, no heritage assets have been detected within 200 meters of the site.


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