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Greenalia makes progress in its U.S. growth plan with 5 solar projects (1.2 GW) under development

  • The company launched its U.S. solar pipeline in 2021 with the acquisition of the MISAE II plant (695 MW), to which 4 new early stage facilities (532 MW) have been added
  • For MISAE II grid access and equipment procurement work have already started

The renewable energy producer Greenalia is making progress in its solar pipeline in the American market, where it already has over 1.2 GW under development in the USA (Texas), to be added to the 660 solar MWs in different advanced permitting stages in Spain (Valencia and Andalusia).

The company entered the U.S. last year via the acquisition of 695 MW of a solar plant in ready to build status. This is the MISAE II project. Today in the preliminary phase of construction and equipment procurement, in which the company has already secured the supply of all the plant’s transformers, with delivery scheduled for the end of 2022 and 2Q 2023.

Likewise, the grid connection works, valued at 18 million dollars, have begun, and are expected to be completed by April 2023, with the evacuation access being ready so that when the project, which will be completed in phases, is finished it can immediately start exporting energy to the grid.

The plant will be installed on 3,970 acres of land (more than 1,600 hectares) in an area characterized by a high-capacity factor of 31%, so that the plant is expected to have an estimated net production of over 1.2 GWh per year.

At the same time, Greenalia continues to expand its project pipeline in the USA where, in addition to MISAE II, it has added four other facilities, Wensowitch, Ratcliff, Reis and Driskell, totaling 532 MW in the early stages of development in different areas of the state of Texas.

Progress in Spain 

The company is also making progress in the permitting process of 15 solar facilities in Spain, planned in the regions of Andalusia (410 MW) and Valencia (150 MW). In total, 660 solar MWs with their respective grid access and connection rights.

These projects, of which 14 have gone through public exhibition phase and the remaining one is expected to start in the short term, will entail an overall investment of more than 470 million euros and the mobilization of over 4,600 mostly local jobs, in the development and construction phases. These facilities will produce clean energy equivalent to the consumption of 265,000 households and will help to avoid the emission of more than 188,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

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