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Greenalia participates in the IV annual energy forum of El Economista

Manuel García, CEO of Greenalia, has participated in the IV Annual Energy Forum organized by the newspaper ElEconomista. It is this meeting, the main energy companies in Spain discussed the current state of the sector and its future in the medium and long term in both development and regulation.

Greenalia was present at the debate table on renewable energy. Together with some of the companies in the sector, key aspects of the development were analyzed, such as financing, regulation, processing and technology.

The CEO of Greenalia stated, as the only representative at the table with ongoing projects in each of the technologies – biomass, wind and photovoltaic – that “financing is not a problem, what is needed are serious and viable projects, and backed by a clear business plan and a competent team.” In fact, Greenalia is an example of this, given that, as the CEO of Greenalia remarked, “our projects have always obtained all the necessary financing using several different financing structures depending on each need, from project finance to IPOs, among other options.

Another topic that was on the table was the energy auction. Manuel García made clear the need to improve them, given that none of them seems to be effective: “There are two auction experiences, the first, driven by the regional goverment, were terrible and delayed the sector. As for those of bidding power, the failure will not come because of the retribution obtained, but the deadlines will not be reached due to the delay in the processing and permitting of these projects”. For the first Greenalia executive, the main problem lies in “the processing times” and, paradoxically, “in the position of some environmental groups with respect to renewables.

At the same table, directors of renewable energy companies asked the Government for a “stable regulation that supports the necessary investments to develop this type of energy and that allows to achieve the environmental and climatic objectives included in the National Energy and Climate Plan“.

Repsol, Iberdrola, Endesa, Cepsa, Solarpack or X-Elio are some of the companies that participated with Greenalia in the IV Annual Energy Forum of El Economista.

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