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Greenalia submits Acevedal a new 21-MW-wind-farm in Spain to public exhibition permitting phase

  • The Wind Farm, consisting of 5 wind turbines and over 15 million euros investment, will be installed in the municipality of A Pastoriza (Galicia, Spain)
  • This renewable energy facility will avoid 22,000 tons of CO2 emissions and generate green energy equivalent to the consumption of 14,000 families

Greenalia takes a new step forward in the processing of its pipeline in Spain and submits to public exhibition phase its Acevedal Wind Farm (WF). With over 15 million euros investment, this WF will have 5 wind turbines and a total installed capacity of 21 MW. It will be located in the municipality of A Pastoriza (Lugo).

Its turbines will have a unitary power of 4.2 MW, a hub height of 112 meters and a rotor diameter of 136 meters. With an estimated production of 58,949 MWh/year, its commissioning will prevent the emission of almost 22,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere per year, a determining factor in climate change.

For its location, different alternatives have been considered, selecting the one with the least impact on the environment. Thus, the polygon is not located in any protected area belonging to the Natura 2000 Network, Nature Reserve, National Park, Natural Monument, Protected Wetland, Protected Landscape, Natural Area of Local Interest or Private Area of Natural Interest. Likewise, it is far from birdlife protection areas.

As can be seen from the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), the project is compatible with the environment and includes the application of preventive measures during the construction phase and corrective measures after the works. In general, restoration and revegetation work will be carried out in the areas of action. In this way, surfaces will be restored with autochthonous species. Likewise, stone walls, enclosures and accesses affected by the works will be replaced.

With respect to cultural heritage, archaeological control and monitoring of the works, the inclusion in detailed cartography of the documented cultural assets and the provision of information to personnel during the development phase of the actions to protect the existing elements are established. In this section, it should be emphasized that the traditional constructions of the rural nuclei are considered areas of exclusion of actions, as well as the contours near the inventoried cultural elements.

To minimize the impact on the landscape, both the wind turbine interconnection lines and the power line connecting the Acevedal collection center with the Carballal Wind Farm Substation will be laid underground, reflecting the company’s commitment to protecting and respecting the environment.  This will also make it possible to provide fiber to the wind farm’s control center without additional environmental impact.

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