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Greenalia starts up a new wind farm in Spain, Alto da Croa II, with a total of 10.4 MW

  • Located between the municipalities of Dumbría and Vimianzo (Galicia, Spain), it will produce more than 44,000 MWh of green energy per year
  • The company reached an agreement with 98.5% of the owners of the park’s land

The company Greenalia has completed the construction of the Croa II Wind Farm (WF), located in the municipalities of Dumbría and Vimianzo in A Coruña.  It has 3 wind turbines whose annual production can reach 44,700 MWh/year, which will mean avoiding the emission into the atmosphere of over 16,500 tons of CO2 per year.

This wind facility with 3 3.65 MW Siemens Gamesa SG-132 wind turbines, a 84 meters hub height and 132 meter rotor diameter is part of the company’s Eolo Project. It took an 8 million euros investment, contributed over 400,000 euros to the municipalities and mobilized over 40 jobs.

For the construction and start-up of this wind farm, a dialogue process was established with landowners to secure leases for the WF’s useful life. The company reached an 98.5% rate of negotiated agreements, which reflects the desire to achieve a long-term commitment to the environment that benefits all stakeholders.

Greenalia also decided that the evacuation of the wind farm would be underground, so there are no overhead lines in the evacuation route to the substation. This decision has made it possible to minimize the possible impact on the landscape.

About environmental protection, a study and monitoring of the Iberian wolf population in the area surrounding the installation was established in coordination with the General Directorate of Natural Heritage, among other actions, which will help to guarantee the correct conservation of the species.

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