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Greenalia submits to public information 7 new wind farms in Spain with a total of 520 MW

  • Borrasca, Boura, Huracán, Mistral, Monzón, Nordés and Ventisca Projects have been published in the Official Gazette to proceed with the public exhibition procedure
  • The seven projects planned in Galicia total over 500 MW of power

Greenalia makes progress in the development of its strategic plan taking seven new wind farms (that total more than 500 MW of installed capacity) forward in their permitting process. These are Borrasca, Boura, Huracán, Mistral, Monzón, Nordés and Ventisca Wind Farms, all of them planned in Galicia and already made public in the Official Gazette by the Ecological Transition Ministry advancing their public information process.

In the Area of Barbanza, 56 MW and 10 wind turbines Huracán Wind Farm is projected. Each of which rise 105 meters high and have 150 meters of rotor diameter. This project is located between the municipalities of Brión, Lousame, Noia and Rois.

Between the municipalities of Valdoviño, Cerdido and Moeche, 67.2 MW Nordés Wind Farm is located, consisting of 12 wind turbines with the same characteristics as the above mentioned wind farm.

Lugo wind

The other five wind farms: Borrasca, Boura, Mistral, Monzón and Ventisca are located entirely in the province of Lugo.

Boura Wind Farm of 72.8 MW of nominal power, will be integrated by thirteen wind turbines, 105 meters high and 150 rotor, planned between Abadín and A Pastoriza. While of 89.6 MW Ventisca Wind Farm, foresees 16 machines of the same characteristics that will be located in Pol. For its part, 50.4 MW Monzón Wind Farm, will be integrated by nine wind turbines distributed between A Pastoriza and Meira.

In Lugo’s Mariña we’ll find Borrasca Wind Farm, with a 84 MW and the installation of 15 wind turbines of 105 meters high and 150 of rotor diameter between Lugo municipalities of Foz, Lourenzá and Mondoñedo.
For its part, Mistral Wind Farm, with a planned power of 100.8 MW, is located in the Lugo municipalities of Xermade, Guitiriz and Vilalba and contemplates the installation of 18 wind turbines of the same dimensions.

The projects permitting processes are completed with the corresponding environmental, archaeological, landscape and avifauna impact studies, which include the corresponding measures for the care and maintenance of the environments and communities from the different perspectives, so that the affection both during construction and the useful life of the parks is the least possible.

Regarding environmental measures, in addition to avoiding areas of special protection and richness of biodiversity, the activation of a restoration plan for the recovery of the areas of impact is included. In this sense, the revegetation of the work areas is foreseen in parallel to the end of the different phases, so that the landscape integration is carried out as soon as possible and thus there is no need to wait for the end of the entire construction process.

In any case, after this Public Information Phase the projects will be adapted to the environmental and heritage recommendations that could be indicated by the different administrations in their respective reports for the proper development of the installation and, at the same time, seeking the maximum social consensus and respect for the environment.

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