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Greenalia will provide school supplies to five houndred students from four Costa Da Morte municipalities

  • The initiative is part of Greenalia’s CSR Policy, and it is one of the first actions carried out in the name of the Greenalia Foundation for the Energetic Transition
  • The four municipalities of Coristanco, Dumbría, Santa Comba and Vimianzo where the company is installing of already has installed Wind Farms have received this donation through the signing of a collaboration protocol

Greenalia has signed this morning a collaboration protocol with Dumbría, Santa Comba, Coristanco and Vimianzo municipalities through which the company will donate school and sports supplies to five hundred students from these city councils prioritizing minors in special vulnerability situations in this particular initiative.

The agreement that was signed today between the Mayors of the four municipalities and Greenalia’s Corporate Affaires and Sustainability Director, Beatriz Mato, amounts globally to 30.000 € that will be destined to purchase school supplies and school sports clothing for young teenagers under 16 years old enrolled in class for the 20-21 school year in the mentioned municipalities.

This initiative is framed in the Greenalia’s CSR Policy and sets the scene of what Greenalia’s Foundation social initiatives will look like in the future and how the company is committed to the communities where it operates.

This first action is aimed at Coristanco, Dumbría, Santa Comba and Vimianzo, all municipalities where Greenalia has renewable energy projects operating or under construction. 25% of all minors (under 16) resident in these locations will benefit from this particular initiative.

As stated in the agreement, the students may receive a backpack with special laptop storage room and an economic aid of approximately 40€ per student that will be destined to the purchase of school supplies or school’s sports clothing.

With this action, Greenalia want to help local families in the back to school operation after the COVID-19 crisis. Moreover, this aid will be compatible with other initiatives that the municipalities could enact for similar objectives.

Greenalia is strongly spearheading renewable wind’s key part in the economic recovery, also the wind sector’s capacity to generate jobs in rural areas where wind projects also contribute to settle population in those areas and fight the rural exodus.

At the moment Greenalia is operating the 24 MW Miñón Wind Farm in Vimianzo and has plans for the other 3 Wind Farms in the area part of Eolo I Project to be fully operations by years’ end: Alto da Croa (7,3 MW) & Alto da Croa II (10,4 MW), in Dumbría, and Monte Tourado (10,4 MW) in Vimianzo. Also considering the three projects in Coristanco and Santa Comba (Monte Toural, Campelo and Bustelo) that are going through the permitting process.

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