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Greenalia’s 25,2 MW Pena da Cabra wind farm on public exhibition phase in Spain

  • This six wind turbines facility, shall be located in the town of Toques (Galicia) and will generate energy equivalent to the annual consumption of 29,000 homes
  • It will have an investment of more than 19 million euros and an impact on the municipal coffers of 385.000 euros

Greenalia, the renewable energy producer, is advancing in the processing of its business portfolio in Spain, where it has submitted a new project to public exhibition, as published today in the Galicia’s Official Gazette (DOG). This is the Pena da Cabra wind farm, located within the Coto de Codesas (Toques) area, within the Galician Wind Sectorial Plan.

Pena da Cabra Wind Farm includes six 4.2 MW wind turbines for a total of 25.2 MW. All of them located in the town of Toques (A Coruña, Galicia). Each machine will have a 112 meters hub height and a 136 meter rotor diameter.

With an estimated investment of more than 19 million euros, it will have an average net production of 100,857 MWh/year, the equivalent of the annual consumption of 29,000 homes, with energy from renewable sources. To this investment figure, the one destined to the local administration is added that is estimated at 385.000 euros for fees and taxes.

The area where Pena da Cabra Wind Farm will be located is outside the Natura 2000 Network Protected Areas, also those included in its Expansion Proposal. The implantation area is not located within any IBA (Important Bird Area) or in priority reproduction, feeding, dispersal and local concentration of birds areas. As for the areas included in the Galician Catalogue of Wetlands, it must be said that in the wind farm area there is none present, being the specimens included in the Galician Catalogue of Singular Trees far from the area of implantation. In the avifauna section, a pre-operational study has been carried out that covers a complete annual cycle after which it has been concluded that the wind farm is compatible with the species present.

The presence of the Pena da Cabra Wind Farm is considered compatible with the elements defined in the Catalogue of Landscapes of Galicia and, with regard to the cultural and archaeological heritage, to underline that, in the design of the wind farm, the locations of the elements of archaeological heritage and their protection perimeters were taken into account, so that none of them would be affected by it. Likewise, all the machines are located outside the Camino de Santiago.

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