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Greenalia’s 50 MW Rodicio wind farm in Spain now in public exhibition phase

  • The Wind Farm (WF) will developed in the municipalities of Maceda and Montederramo (Ourense, Galicia)
  • With an execution budget of 37 million the facilities will supply clean energy to power the equivalent of 41,000 households

Greenalia continues to make progress in the development of its onshore wind portfolio in Spain. From today, Rodicio WF, with a capacity of 50 MW, planned in the municipalities of Montederramo and Maceda (Ourense), is submitted to public exhibition.

This WF will have 12 wind turbines of 4.2 MW of nominal power, 107 meters of hub height and 150 meters of rotor diameter. With an annual green energy production of 144,128 MWh, the equivalent of the consumption of 41,000 homes, it will avoid 53,327 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. 

The area where Rodicio will be installed is located outside protected areas included in the Galician Network of Protected Areas or the Natura 2000 Network, including the expansions proposals. Areas protected by international instruments and IBAs (Important Bird Areas) have also been excluded, as well as priority areas for breeding, feeding, dispersal and local bird concentration. About hydrological protection, no river course is in implantation of the WF an all infrastructures are located outside the easement and riverbed police area.

Regarding cultural heritage, the project states that only contributions will be made and not earthworks or excavations in areas of influence of heritage elements, which will be duly marked, following the premises of Heritage office. To this is added the implementation of a monitoring system by qualified technicians that guarantees the integrity of the cultural heritage elements registered in the area.

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