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Greenalia’s Curtis-Teixeiro biomass plant produced more than 166 GWh and more than 15 million euros turnover

  • The facility started operations last March and has an installed capacity of 50 MW.
  • The investment in the plant was 135 million and generates 135 jobs.
  • Located on a plot of land of over 100,000 m2 in Curtis-Teixeiro’s Industrial Park, this is the largest plant in Galicia and amongst the largest in Spain and Europe.

Greenalia’s Curtis-Teixeiro Biomass Plant, operational since last March, has produced more than 166 GWh since then – and said production equals more than 15 million euros turnover.

The 50 MW Plant has the capacity to consume, at full capacity, half a million tons of certified forestry biomass. To supply the plant, Greenalia acquired 30 biomass gathering balers for the collection of forestry residue that, once prepared and converted into bales, is transported to the Plant in one of the 80 trucks that enter the site daily.

The Biomass Plant is built on a 103,000 m2 plot of land, 135 million euros were invested in its construction, and more 1,000 jobs were created in the area. Of these jobs, more than a hundred were kept as fixed once the activity began: 35 in the plant and the rest in biomass collection activities, around 100.

In Galicia, more than 100,000 forest operations are carried out annually from which almost 10 million m3 of wood is extracted (2019 data), mainly eucalyptus and pine, with forestry residue generation of more than 2 million tons; the Curtis plant could deal with 25% of the total biomass generated in Galicia.

Thanks to this operation, a contribution is made to the cleaning of the Galician countryside through the collection and reclamation of forestry residue that would otherwise remain in the mountains in most cases – with the risk of causing fires and attracting pests.

Through this project, Greenalia is demonstrating its commitment to the Earth, both from the point of view of local employment and wealth generation and from the point of view of respect and care for nature, as it is contributing to the maintenance of the area’s forests and to prevent wildfires, encouraging the collection of biomass residue of a small size that is normally discarded for industrial use. Likewise, jobs are being created in rural areas as forestry companies are generally closely linked to the environment and communities where they operate.

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